A couple new and awesome Kick-Ass 2 TV spots featuring Hit-Girl.


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On the prospect of falling in love one day: “You think, ‘Who’s out to deceive me?’ That’s hard. Especially growing up and liking guys and, maybe, ‘Do you want to be in a relationship? Is this person trying to be in my life because I’m famous?’ You can’t just like someone. They might be using you. I talk to Julianne [Moore, her co-star in Carrie] about it and she says, ‘Look, just be careful. Trust your judgement but don’t get in too deep sometimes.’ Because, you know, when you’re young, you fall in love and don’t know it’s happening.”

On having high-powered meetings in Hollywood:
“What have I got to be intimidated about? I talk to Donna [Langley, co-chair of Universal Pictures] or someone like that, and they’re like, ‘We’d love to do stuff with you. I’ll tell you our slate, tell us what you’re interested in.’…Sometimes they’ll just be, ‘It’s so weird, you are 16 years old. You don’t talk like my kid does.’ And I’m like, ‘Trust me, when I’m with friends I might.’”

On her mom and dad’s break up, and mom’s cancer diagnosis: “It made me realise, along with everything that happened with my dad, that your parents aren’t these godly figures. They’re not chosen by the heavens. They’re humans. Their bodies can fail and they can die at any moment. They make mistakes. They cry. They fight. It definitely, from a young age, put everything into perspective for me.”

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“Kick-Ass 2″ Action Figures

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Who wants a Hit-Girl action figure?

They look awesome, but they are expensive (229.99) Pre-order

Kick-Ass 2 Series 1 Action Figure Case:
It’s time to kick ass again!
Case includes 14 articulated action figures from Kick Ass 2.
Series 1 features Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass, and M’Fer!

Taken from the movie Kick-Ass 2 based on the popular comic book series, these highly articulated and poseable action figures stand between 6 1/2 and 7-inches tall. Come get your favorite Kick-Ass 2 characters before they get away!

This Series 1 case contains 14 individually packaged action figures (subject to change):
Assortment breakdown not available at this time. Cannot take requests for specific characters.

This case includes Chloe Moretz’s Hit-Girl, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kick-Ass, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s M’Fer!
Size:7-inch scale

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE – Chloe Grace Moretz is once again clad in purple and black leathers, just like the first time we met, but this time around, she seems far more confident and controlled.

On the set of the original “Kick-Ass,” I was one of the very first interviews Moretz ever did, and part of what was evident on that set was how protective everyone was of her. Her mother, her brother, director Matthew Vaughn, screenwriter Jane Goldman… everyone was in that same mode, and for good reason. As we watch Amanda Bynes melt down in real time on Twitter these days, it is a potent reminder of just how much damage can be done to a young person when Hollywood gets hold of them, and no one wants to see that happen to Moretz.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Chloe seems level-headed and normal in every way, except perhaps for her obvious talents as a performer. She spends her time these days working with filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton, and it seems like she’s being careful in terms of what projects she’ll sign on to do. I have a feeling we’re going to be talking about her work for a long time, so these interviews end up just being signposts along the way. Chloe at 12. Chloe at 16. Each time with a little more experience and a greater sense of self.

Part of what keeps her grounded is having her mother and her brother Trevor with her when she works. They’re obviously enjoying the experiences they’ve been having over the last few years, and they seem to never be terribly far from her side.

When we sat down, she had just finished her last shot of the film, and she seemed exhilarated to be done, ready to go take a break after shooting several films back to back to back. In those moments, when she’s at her happiest and cutting loose, she seems like she’s her actual age, but then as soon as the conversation starts, the maturity that makes her so unusual is on full display again.

Sequels being a new experience for this cast, I asked her how it’s been to step back into this character. “It’s been so fun being back as Hit-Girl again. Aesthetically, it’s been fun getting back in the suit and being back in the purple and the whole thing, but otherwise it’s been great getting back in the character for emotional reasons and the fact that I’m able to show an older, more dynamic… ’cause obviously I have had much more acting experience since then. So I’m able to show this more dynamic, personal character than obviously I could in the beginning.”


New “Kick-Ass 2″ Poster

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