Photos of Chloe attending the 100th episode of “Gossip Girl” in support of her “Hick” co-star, Blake Lively who stars, have been added to the gallery.

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Photos: 7 New “Hugo” Movie Stills

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Came across 7 more “Hugo” stills which are now in our gallery.

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New “Hugo” poster for Chloe’s character, Isabelle.

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As Chloe mentioned on her Twitter the other day, she is currently doing press for “Hugo” which is in theaters next week. So, we’ll be posting tons of interviews once they pop-up. Here is one with New York Magazine – Chloe talks about auditioning for the film, her British accent, Martin Scorsese, and lots more.

Being 14, have you really seen much of Martin Scorsese’s work?
I mean, of course I knew a lot about Martin Scorsese because he’s an icon. One of the biggest directors living at the moment, you know? But my mom was like, “Um, you can’t see this yet.”

So how do you know whom you’re working with if you can’t see their work?
Well, I had seen The Aviator. That was the only one. And he was just amazing from that movie.

What was it like auditioning for him?
I actually tricked him. It was hilarious. I was speaking in a British accent all the way through the audition. He was like, “Wait! You’re American? No way, kid — the whole time I thought you were a Brit.” I was like, “Thank you, Marty.”

You get to call him “Marty”!
I know, right? I walked in and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Scorsese.” And he was like, “Call me Marty, kid!” So after that, I was like, “Hey, Marty. Hi, Marty. Hey, Marty!

Does that mean, by association, you get to call Robert De Niro “Bobby”?
I think I’d be too scared. I’m just super-Southern. My whole family makes me say Mr. duh-duh-duh. So I find I have to be polite to my elders, ’cause my mom would kill me if I wasn’t.

So how did you develop such a compelling English accent?
I worked with my brother Trevor. He was my dialect coach, and we came up with a character. One of the American-to-British accents that I studied was Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love. She did such a phenomenal accent in that movie. That was my basis.

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Here is Chloe’s interview with VH1′s “Big Morning Buzz Live,” she talks “Hugo.”

Also, Chloe answers a question for “Pass The Bowl”

“Pass The Bowl” is VH1’s ongoing interview series, wherein celebrities contribute questions to our bowl and fellow celebs later draw a question.

Nikki Reed: If a reality show called and wanted to shoot any period of your life, what age or time would it be?

Chloe Moretz: I’d probably say like right when Kick-Ass came out and I was like 11, because even though I’m 14, I feel like that was such a fun time because everything was so immediate and fresh and new… and it’s still super new and fresh but it was just, I dunno, it was fun and interesting.

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New “Hugo” Clip

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Here is a new clip for “Hugo” featuring Chloe – the film comes out next Friday!