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Chloë Grace Moretz: Generation W
This kick-ass actress is way too cool for school

When Chloë Grace Moretz was 4 years old, her brother Trevor, who was 14, dressed her up as Princess Leia and directed a film of her trapped in a sinking raft adrift in the family pool in their Atlanta backyard. Trevor, who wanted to be an actor, was the first to realize his sister’s cinematic potential. “From the beginning, Chloë was completely comfortable with the camera,” he told me recently. “Even as a tiny child, she had something.” In 2002, the Moretz family partially relocated to New York so that Trevor could pursue his theatrical aspirations at the Professional Performing Arts High School. But after 6-year-old Chloë began practicing lines with him, Trevor, recognizing her innate talent, switched focus from his career to hers, ultimately becoming Chloë’s acting coach/producer/mentor/guru.
He may also be her salvation in the increasingly competitive and tangled world of child acting. On set and elsewhere, Trevor is always nearby, offering guidance. Chloë has so far avoided the pitfalls of being either a squeaky-clean Nickelodeon kid (who turns into an unmitigated mess, like Amanda Bynes) or a perfect movie daughter (with real-life lousy parents, à la the talented Lindsay Lohan). Instead, following in the path of former child stars like Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman, Moretz has forged a career out of the kind of darker roles that smooth the transition to adult parts. When she was 13, she became famous as the foulmouthed violent vigilante Hit-Girl in the 2010 action film Kick-Ass (the sequel came out this summer); and she was utterly convincing as a lost vampire in Let Me In. This month she appears as the high school misfit with telekinetic powers in the director Kimberly Peirce’s remake of Carrie. “This part is different from anything I’ve done,” Moretz said after the shoot for this story, in a recently closed school in New York. “I’ve tried to absorb things I’ve learned from old movies. Trevor has taught me the importance of great movies in shaping culture. And it’s a good way to learn different styles of acting.”
Moretz (and Trevor) headed upstairs to an empty classroom, the kind of place Moretz, who is tutored on set, does not often see. Unlike her tall blond brother, who sat close by but did not intrude or hover, Moretz has an exotic, vaguely goth quality: full lips, dirty-blonde hair dyed nearly black, and an uncanny ability to project both vulnerability and mystery with her wide eyes. Poised and confident, she may be the oldest 16-year-old in the world.


Photos: New “Carrie” Stills

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In “Kick-Ass 2,” Hit-Girl can handle anything thrown her way — including a six-foot Russian bodybuilding villain named Mother Russia — but there’s one thing that 16-year-old actress Chlöe Grace Moretz just isn’t ready to tangle with: teenagers.

After bringing the horrors of high school to life in two back-to-back films — “Kick-Ass 2″ and the upcoming remake of “Carrie” — Moretz told MTV News’ Josh Horowitz that she’s quite happy with her homeschool lifestyle. “I’m happy I’m not in high school in real life [after making those movies],” said Moretz. “I’m happy I’m not having to have to walk through high school. Teenagers, I’m telling you, they terrify me. They scare me.”


MovieFone Interview

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By Bryan Cairns

Can a teenage vigilante superhero have a normal life? Mindy Macready, aka Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), certainly hopes so. After teaming up with Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) to take down drug lord Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong) and his sadistic son Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in 2010′s “Kick-Ass” movie, the pint-sized killing machine has abandoned her costumed adventures in the sequel to attend high school. But when Chris adopts the identity of The Mother Fu@!#ker to exact revenge on Kick-Ass, Mindy is forced to once again suit up and come to the rescue.

At Pinewood Studios in London, England, things are about to become extremely violent on the set of “Kick-Ass 2″. Today, Moviefone is sitting smack dab in the middle of The Mother Fu@!#ker’s impressive lair, which is lined with arcade video games, expensive cars, flashing lights, massive TV screens mounted on the walls and a gigantic aquarium. What is more noteworthy is the brawl transpiring between Kick-Ass’ team of heroes, called Justice Forever, and The Mother Fu@!#ker’s gang of villains. On director Jeff Wadlow’s cue, the actors and extras punch, hit, duck, run, evade and beat each other in an elaborate choreographed fight sequence.

However, trained assassin Hit-Girl is absent from the battle. Her pivotal encounter with Mother Russia (Olga Kurkulina) occurs later. In the meantime, Moretz is in the house to talk Hit-Girl, coming back for the sequel, foul language, and her career.

Moviefone: It has been a couple of years since the first “Kick-Ass”. How has it been reuniting with these guys?

Chloe Grace Moretz: It’s been so much fun. I’ve been seeing everyone from the movie at different times. I saw Matthew (Vaughn) at one point and then I saw Aaron. It’s funny to all be on set and back in the costumes. It’s completely surreal, but it’s amazing to be back with such a great story.

Moviefone: How much reaction have you received from the original “Kick-Ass” over the years?

Chloe Grace Moretz: It’s funny. They (the fans) have kind of grown up with me in a way, too, because when I first did it, I was 11. Now, I’m 15, almost 16, and still you get these people that come in and are like, “Oh my God!” Or they look at you and go, “Wait. No. No. No way, man!” It’s interesting. I have a really amazing fan group from it and they are really loyal and are so excited for this movie.

Moviefone: So they can’t believe it’s you when they meet you?

Chloe Grace Moretz: Yeah, they freak out. They’re like, “Can you hit me or something?” “Excuse me?” I’ve been asked so many times, “Can you just punch me in the face?” I’m like, “What? No. No.”


Video: Chloe on “Conan”

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Chloe talked Hit-Girl fans, stunt training, people treating her as an adult, and showed of her knife skills.